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            Wuxi Weierjie Printing & Dyeing Machinery Co., Ltd. specializes in producing textile dyeing and finishing equipments, such as: Desizing and bleaching range series, Padding and dyeing range series, Washing machine series, Water heat exchanger, Cloth cleaning device, sewage filtering equipment which are our leading products. This company is the fixed-point enterprise of China Forestry Machinery Design Institute, branch companies and other province ministries. In addition, it is a innovative synthesis enterprise integrated with mechanical processing and manufacture.

            • Contacts : Mr.Wang
            • Phone : 086-0510-85609138
            • Fax : 086-0510-85609138
            • E-mail : wrj0510@163.com
            • Website : www.383664.com
            • Address : 3thxinjiaRoad,HuaZhuangtownship,binhuDistrict,Wuxicity,Jiangsu
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