Wuxi Weierjie Printing & Dyeing Machinery Co., Ltd. is the first domestic development and production: fabric dusting, fabric washing, sewage filtration and water heat exchange energy saving products as the characteristics of well-known enterprises. After many years of development and innovation, the company based on the textile industry in the printing and dyeing industry, and China Forestry Machinery Design Institute cooperation; A set of printing and dyeing machinery, forestry machinery processing production integrated innovative enterprises.

Our company is a member of the China Printing and Dyeing Industry Association and has been the outstanding supplier of China Printing Industry for many years. Can be used for all kinds of textile leather clothing domestic textile printing; Enterprises provide convenient, efficient and reliable advice and solutions for energy conservation.

Our company pays attention to the idea that technology is the first priority in the development of technology; To absorb technical talents and train talents for a long time; To find out the unique humanization and technical management mode and production experience of "Ulger", advocate green and environmental protection as the theme, energy saving and emission reduction as the purpose, innovation and improvement. In the "surface dust removal scheme", "sewage filtration system", "thermal recovery system" and other fields have been appreciated and recognized by the industry.

Our company Zhuoli will do their own products to do a strong, efforts to expand the "Weierjie" brand competitiveness.

Our company has always followed the "guest-oriented, win-win cooperation" rule, adhere to the "honesty, pragmatism, innovation, struggle" spirit; In the long-term exchanges and cooperation with many domestic and foreign science and technology enterprises, steady development, for both sides to expand the cause, information exchange, technological innovation to play a catalytic role. I wish to express my heartfelt thanks and sincere respect to the community that has always supported, cared for and helped Weierjie!

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