This device is applied to the padding and cold batching of pure cotton, chemical fiber and mixed fabrics after singeing.

2.Technical features

①.Machine width: 1800-3600mm.

②.Machine speed: 20-60m/min.

③.Transmission: synchronous regulator drive via conversion of multi-unit alternator.

Cold pad dyeing range

①.Used for cool pad dyeing with active dyestuff.

②.Active control wind up, controlled tension of fabric, constant speed and tension of fabric when moving.

③.Equiped with interior fabric bracket which can be automatical adjusted according the diameters change of the fabric roll, strictly avoid wrinkles.

④.On-line control to multi parameters, ensure the dyeing quality, and repeatable.

⑤.The liquid content is automatically controlled with proprtion, temperature and liquid level, Strict control the color difference.


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