1. Application

The machine developed by our company the first independent design, is a new patent energy-saving products. This machine is development for the wet profession (textile, printing and dyeing, papermaking, foodstuff, leather, chemical industry) which the energy conservation request.

2. Technical features

①. Material: SUS304 stainless steel sheet

②. Transfer method: rotary

③. Filter ability: 15-100 t/H

④. Transmission: DC or AC frequency conversion transmission

3. Effect of energy-saving

①. Adapt to process requirements in printing and dyeing plants completely and feature blockage free and corrosion resistance.

②. Strong practicability, high filtration precision, convenient operation, reduce the human resources, a high degree of automation, maintenance free.

③. Easy and flexible installation and small apace. THE basin liquid level dropping variance may adjust.

④. After filtration, the liquid can be repeated use, reduce the consumption of water resources.

⑤. After filtration, the impurities to lower consumption of dyes. Let the fabric is clean and tidy.

⑥. To filter the impurities, which is beneficial to the breeding of microorganism and wastewater biochemical treatment.


The mesh drum filter has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance and strong universality. The design flow is 15-50t / h. The vacuum technology is adopted to separate the solid and liquid. The precipitate is brought out with the rotation of the mesh drum, and the floating substance adsorbed on the surface of the mesh screen is separated by the brush roller. This equipment can be used for general filtration of alkali liquor and dyestuff, as well as efficient filtration of non viscous or diluted low viscous liquid such as fabric washing and printing. The structure of the machine has the patented structure that the pump pressure water can be used for cloth spray washing or reuse, automatic slag discharging, maintenance free, anti blocking net,etc.


The drum filter has the characteristics of anti-corrosion. The design flow is 20-100t / h. This equipment can be installed in machine or ditch, When the sewage flows into the drum screen, the materials are retained on the screen. With the rotation of the drum screen, the retained materials are taken to the upper part of the drum, washed by high-pressure water or high-pressure gas, they fall on the slide plate and discharge the body. At present, they have been widely used in the textile industry The front water washing process section enables the water washing to be finalized in one step, and has obtained the national patent certification.


The plate filter has the characteristics of corrosion resistance and maintenance free. The design flow is 20-50t / h, especially for the dyeing mercerizing waste alkali with the characteristics of self sliding and low viscosity after dilution of dyeing and finishing sewage. The sewage flows from top to bottom to realize solid-liquid separation. It is used for centralized filtration and reuse of single mercerizing machine and waste alkali storage. It is designed for alkali concentration and capacity expansion, membrane treatment and fine filtration of wool and fiber in biochemical front channel of dyeing and finishing wastewater.


The vibration filter uses the vibration motor as the power to filter the materials of various sizes through the multi-layer density screen. The intercepted materials disperse around with the high-speed vibration of the machine, and are discharged from the respective outlets. The equipment can be used for the layered filtration of bean, flour and sewage.


The self-cleaning cartridge filter can automatically remove the particles and impurities on the surface of the filter cartridge through efficient mechanical scraping. The filter cartridge adopts high-precision grid or metal filter screen, which has the characteristics of large filtering area, long service life and good self-cleaning effect. The scraper material can be Teflon plate, nylon brush or wire brush. When the pressure difference between the inlet and outlet of the filter reaches the preset value, the filter will open Starting from the cleaning process, the whole self-cleaning process consists of two steps: opening the drain valve located on the upper end cover of the filter; the motor drives two stainless steel brushes in the filter screen of the main body to rotate, so the impurities captured by the filter screen are brushed down by the steel brush and discharged from the drain valve, which is applicable to the fields of paper making, chemical industry, textile, wood industry, electronics, etc.

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